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[10 Sep 2011|02:19pm]

If you are a NetFlix member, all four seasons of the show are now streaming on their site!

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[18 Apr 2010|11:31am]

Hey. I love Felicity and Ben. Check out my youtube channel.
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icons [21 Sep 2009|07:38pm]

19 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
10 Angel the Series
16 Beverly Hills 90210
10 Felicity
03 Eliza Dushku
20 Bob Dylan
14 David Bowie
06 Ghost World

here at my community.
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Felicity/Noel scribbles [14 Jul 2009|12:58am]

Just some old ones I wrote back in -07. Not the best, but this is my first contributions for this community and I hope you'll like it.

Title: The Time Of His Life
Ship: Noel/Felicity
Spoilers: Up to season three, the finale; implying, though mildly, the rest of the series
Word count: 255
A/N: My first attempt, back in -07, to write some kind of fanfic that wasn't Harry Potter. I was nearly thirteen, and English isn't even my first language. Hope you enjoy it, still.
Summary Noel's wishful thoughts about the night at the roof, very simple.

Title: Felicity's Speech
Ship Mildly Felicity/Noel
Spoilers: Full series
Word count: 332
A/N: I cried so much during the wedding (and everytime I hear Sarah McLachlans "I Will Remember You"), I just wanted to write something I thought Felicity might say. See previous A/N
Summary Felicity speaks at Noel's wedding about their ever-lasting friendship. Quite fluff.

Both fan fictions are to be found here.
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[12 Dec 2008|02:30pm]

Keri Russell scans from the January issue of  InStyle.

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[50] Misc icons [07 Oct 2008|11:36pm]

[07 - 14] Felicity: mostly season 1

08 12 13

more here @ hobbitholes
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amazon sale [21 Sep 2008|09:40pm]

All Felicity DVDs are marked down to 30.99 on amazon.com. And shipping is free on super saver shipping. I think they're marked down in alot of online places actually.

But this is so awesome. I never bought the seasons cause they were way to overpriced. I don't know how long it goes for, but get em while they're still on sale!
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season 3 song help. [07 Sep 2008|09:03pm]

I was watching the season 3 finale episode of Felicity, "The Last Summer Ever", and in one scene about 13 minutes in, she is talking to Noel and there is a song played in the background. It's a woman singing and a guitar is played in addition to a piano solo sorta in the middle. These are all the lyrics I could get but I'm not sure they are completely correct. It's a slower song.

I've been listening a little more and got a little more detail.

white lie
you wash away your pain inside
doubts crowding you
you hold your tears
with all your pride
and all your might
in bigger light
rescue me
rescue me


white lies
you tell you fear you dont know why
lost from the pain
someone there you used to know
dare you'll find
dare you try
rescue me

I'm not sure about the "rescue me" part.
It's not the Sarah Harmer song, I think the dvd version changed.
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[06 Sep 2008|03:40pm]


all here at onetinygap 
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[30 Aug 2008|03:32pm]


[4] Jensen/Danneel
[12] Penelope Cruz/Javier Bardem {some Vicki Cristina Barcelona}
[103] Felicity S1 {Ben/Julie, Ben, Noel/Felicity}
[29] Chad and Jared {mostly together)
[29] Zac/Ashley
[9] Banners {5 Chared, 4 Zashley}
[5] Chared Manips

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
More Here
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Not a new fan, but new to the community! Survey time :P [23 Aug 2008|04:47pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

I've got some surprising answers too hehe...

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