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Felicity Lovers Anonymous

Felicity Anonymous
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We all are saddened by the fact that Felicity is no longer on the air, and this community is here to offer you support! Join today and keep up to date on DVD releases, cast updates, and anything else related to Felicity, JJ, the WB, etc.

Community Rules:
1. Please do not use this community to promote your own community. If the community which you wish to promote is Felicity related, please email Brandi prior to making a post at rockstarbrandi@yahoo.com One of the moderators will then make the post if they deem it relevant. Feel free to use community_promo for you promotions.

2. When making large posts such as the Felicity survey created by limejuicetattoo, large images, or icon posts please use the lj-cut. If you don't know how to do it, look here.

3. Icons are wonderful and we encourage you to make and share them. If someone has posted an icon you would like to use please remember to comment to their post and credit them in your keywords. If they have other rules listed in their posts, please follow them.

4. When posting images please remember NO HOTLINKING! Go to a hosting site like Photobucket.com and upload them to your own account.

Otherwise, post away.

This community was created by tangiblehope and is maintained by her and divakimmy.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions.