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Felicity/Noel scribbles

Just some old ones I wrote back in -07. Not the best, but this is my first contributions for this community and I hope you'll like it.

Title: The Time Of His Life
Ship: Noel/Felicity
Spoilers: Up to season three, the finale; implying, though mildly, the rest of the series
Word count: 255
A/N: My first attempt, back in -07, to write some kind of fanfic that wasn't Harry Potter. I was nearly thirteen, and English isn't even my first language. Hope you enjoy it, still.
Summary Noel's wishful thoughts about the night at the roof, very simple.

Title: Felicity's Speech
Ship Mildly Felicity/Noel
Spoilers: Full series
Word count: 332
A/N: I cried so much during the wedding (and everytime I hear Sarah McLachlans "I Will Remember You"), I just wanted to write something I thought Felicity might say. See previous A/N
Summary Felicity speaks at Noel's wedding about their ever-lasting friendship. Quite fluff.

Both fan fictions are to be found here.
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